About Paul McDevitt

Just a regular guy in South Jersey trying to get by in this great big world. I have the greatest wife in the world, the best family one could ever hope for and despite life’s usual ups and downs, have lived a pretty interesting and fulfilling life so far. I enjoy the finer things in life such as Star Wars and the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs thing makes no sense at all as I really should a Phillies fan based purely on geography. I’m still a die-hard Eagles fan, nonetheless.

I work in the online marketing world and enjoy everything the internet has to offer. Well, everything that won’t get you arrested.


6 responses to “About Paul McDevitt

  1. GeoD3

    nice site … clean, easy to navigate

    nice books !!!

    eagerly awaiting future installments of your East Coast adventure!!

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  3. My name is Paul McDevitt. I am 38 and live in Michigan. I was a math teacher and wrestling coach for 12 years. I am now the assitant principal of the high school. I hope you have enjoyed being Paul McDevitt as much as I have.

  4. I hope you have enjoyed being Paul McDevitt as much as I have….

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