Unofficial Bio Via Email

I got the email below from a close friend of mine who thought of me this week since the new Indiana Jones movie finally hits theaters. It paints a fairly accurate picture of me and I think I may use it as my bio. Of course, many other things have happened in my life besides the stuff in this email, but this is a fairly accurate description of me. One more thing – I probably won’t go see the new movie until next week at the earliest. And I don’t own a whip. Enjoy:

I know probably have heard of this guy. He grew up in south jersey, outside of philly, loves yuengling, star wars, indiana jones, rocky, and shitty video games and has his own blog- plus he is a total dork. I know, you were thinking I was talking about you, but believe it or not there is someone else. I did not know about this guy until a few months ago when I was screwing around on youtube looking for the answers on how to play some crappy nintendo game. I was amazed that this guys life seemed to mirror mine so much. I remember being so excited when nintendo came out with games like friday the 13th, die hard, back to the future, or teenage mutant ninja turtles. Little did I know these games sucked and were impossible for any human being to win, I just thought I sucked as a human being (really positive thoughts to have in your formative years of life). I remember being so frustrated at how you could never figure out how to play or you got 3 lives to complete the whole game. This guy does a pretty good job of describing that frustation, swearing his face off, then finishing up with a couple of yuenglings or rolling rocks to erase the painful memories of 5th grade. He just put out his new video and it is a rant about the indiana jones games on atari, nintendo and super nintendo. I thought it would be appropriate to send this to you since you are probably standing in line with you brown fedora and fake leather whip with the rest of life’s rejects, waiting for your $20 ticket to watch a 60 year old man do what we could not have done at 20.


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One response to “Unofficial Bio Via Email

  1. James

    Who sent that bio? That guy sounds very smart. He is also probably very good looking and has fresh breath.

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