The Great Crossword Puzzle Dilemma


I spent the better part of a recent Sunday working on a crossword puzzle published in the Orlando Sentinel. I nearly finished it, with the exception of a few lines that I’m either not sure of or couldn’t answer at all. And the not knowing part is driving me crazy! I went to the paper’s site and they apparently publish each day’s puzzle and the solution. The only problem is, it’s not the same puzzle that was printed in the paper that day! If anybody could track down the solution to the April 27 crossword puzzle from the Orlando Sentinel (entitled Side-by-Side Saints by Frank A. Longo) I would be eternally grateful.



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5 responses to “The Great Crossword Puzzle Dilemma

  1. mcrick0827

    I’m not surprised you didn’t know some of the answers. Since This morning I’m doing the Sunday, August 24th crossword entitled “On the Bony Express”. Number 65 down’s clue is “Tikki Tikki _____” (classic kids’ book). I was a HUGE fan of Riki Tiki Tavi as a child, the book by Rudyard Kipling. I assumed that Longo meant this book and went to fill in TAVI as the answer. Problem was there were 5 spaces. Who edits this guys work and how does he not check on titles like this on his own? This makes it hard to finish a puzzle with a made up spelling! Since he doubled the consonants in Tikki, I’m going with TAVVI for an answer. Asinine that someone didn’t check on this. Being someone with such a large background in creating puzzles (as I Googled him) I am not impressed at all with Frank A. Longo.

    But a note on your answers…if the puzzle came in the Sunday paper, the answers are in that paper, not in the next day’s.

  2. To answer your “Tikki Tikki _____” clue, it is “Tembo”. It is a children’s chant and could also be a poem. I was just doing the “For What Wit’s Worth” puzzle by Frank A. Longo and he actually used the non-word “orientate” as the answer to the “Become adjusted” clue. I couldn’t believe it. I have to save this one because my husband and I joke about people who think this is a word. I can’t believe it made it through the editing process, or maybe Longo’s work is not edited.

    • L. Rae

      I’m sure all the people in Annapolis who did your crossword puzzle, “Doubling Up On Stage” will tell you that Baltimore is not the capital of Maryland.

  3. celia m. dupree

    In the Waco Tribune-Herald Sunday, Jan. 10, Frank A. Longo’s puzzle asks for the capital of Maryland, “informally”. The answer was “Balto”. THE CAPITAL OF MARYLAND IS ANNAPOLIS, NOT BALTIMORE!!!

  4. jim parker

    In the Sunday Jan. 10th Premier crossword (#1446) by Frank A. Longo titled “Doubling up on stage”, 63 across has the clue: Capital of Maryland, informally. The published answer is “balto” (which of course would be Baltimore, well, the capital of Maryland is Annapolis.

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