Insight into the Digg Algo, Take 2

Thanks for all the feedback received on my last post regarding the tiniest piece of info provided in the Diggnation podcast a little over a week ago. Being a frequent user of Digg, I have seen the limitations on expecting what will go popular and it’s clear that there is a 24 hour window of opportunity. I figured that out rather quickly after using it for only a few days. However, others have seen stories go popular a few days later than the initial day; 7 days later in at least one case – although cases like this are extremely rare. I wouldn’t expect Kevin Rose to reveal significant details regarding the algorithm and didn’t think the comment he made was even all that revealing. (tried to make that clear in the first sentence of the post) But, it did open up some interesting dialogue around understanding how long is too long, or too late, to expect a listing to reach popular status.

What is the latest anyone has seen something made popular?


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