Flickr Adds Video Submission

In an attempt to compete with Google’s YouTube, Yahoo’s Flickr has added video submission to its capabilities. It does have its limits. Is 90 seconds enough time for people to find its videos useful? And it’s only available for paying members of the site. Only time will tell how successful this is. The Flickr Blog has more info for your reading pleasure.


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One response to “Flickr Adds Video Submission

  1. I’m part of a troupe of slightly crazed, middle aged (but professional) comedians and film makers who have been making comedy videos aimed at parents.

    We’ve got about 20 so far (yes, we are that bored) and we’ve only really uploaded to one source — vimeo. (It had the best quality for us to link to from our site.) There’s just a dizzying array of sites to upload videos. Question is, how many people are actually watching from those sites? How many parents are watching Youtube? (God forbid, they’d probably ban it if the did.) I actually go to Flickr (free, natch) and I didn’t even remember they had a video option.

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