Book Review! – I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

I really should read more than I do right now. Time is usually the issue. Working on the new house and simply taking care of it have eaten into most of the time I do have, but I have been able to squeeze in a few books as of late. I think the last book I read was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows over the summer. This is not that book review. In fact, the book I just finished is about as far away from Harry Potter as Satan is to even waiting in line to see St. Peter.

Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is the first book in a long time, and one of only a few, to make me laugh out loud – sometimes uncontrollably. The other book? The Hithchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I was 14.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell isn’t a single story. It’s essentially a collection of stories in no particular chronological order that the author wrote down after many long nights of drinking and shenanigans with his college buddies. If you’re a male between the ages of 21 and 40, you will laugh your ass off. Not only are Tucker’s stories so ridiculous (we’re borderline James Frey unbelievable here), it sent me back to many adventures I’ve had myself over the years. My tales, however, are boring compared to this guy.

What I loved the most about the book were the references to pop culture that only a male my age would probably even understand. These include comparisons to GI Joe action figures, Simpsons characters and even Sci-Fi films. In one adventure, Tucker and his band of merry men visit the Texas State Fair and convince a lonely, overweight teenager to test his strength by grabbing a carnival attraction that sends electricity through the body until the participant can no longer take the pain. One friend offers encouragement by shouting “There is no spoon!” (OK, maybe I’m the only dork who laughed – it’s from The Matrix). The kid collapses in pain and the group of guys laughs hysterically at this kid who is foaming at the mouth and convulsing on the ground.

Some things this guy did were exactly what I did with friends in college. If we had a bad week, the object of a long night of partying was to try and offend as many people as possible. One more than one occasion, myself and at least one other guy, usually two – they know who they are if they’re reading this – would park by the keg and pick apart everybody in the house. I think some of my more creative moments in life took place during these sessions. Tucker Max takes this to the extreme and says things I would never even dream of suggesting to some people.

Of course the funniest moments are when he is at his most vulnerable and even admits when he’s the butt of the joke. He successfully gets himself banned from a nationwide chain of hotels – all of them – for making a massive mess in the lobby while trying to locate the men’s room. Without getting too graphic, let’s just say #2 everywhere. Everywhere. I laughed out loud. And I’m not even 14 anymore. Some things are always this funny when you’re a guy.

Overall, a good read and it’s pretty easy to get through. But I wouldn’t suggest it if you have a weak stomach, never went away for spring break or are a woman. If you are a female and you hate men, this book won’t help. You may never speak to another man again. If you’re a guy who has had his fair share of all-night drinking adventures, this book’s for you. But you have to be able to read.

Next book review: Watchmen. Yeah, it’s a comic book. Gimme a break, ok. I’m working my way up to Shakespeare.


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  1. Mom

    This is your mother speaking….glad to hear “your tales are boring compared to this guy”.

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