When News Becomes News

I love media news coverage. We have access to information in this day and age like never before. But what’s amazing to me is what actually makes it to the front page, when and why. In reading any news story anymore, I always try to understand these things and what’s behind it that makes it important. More importantly – are we always given all of the information available to explain the whole story? In the rush to be competitive, news outlets usually skip the details in order to be first. Other times, stories just aren’t interesting enough to warrant ink (although I guess we need to replace “ink” with “screen space” these days).

There’s a great example of this today. CNN is reporting that depleted bee populations will have an impact on some agricultural products in the near future. Guess what? This didn’t happen overnight. In fact, this has been a problem for a while. Burt’s Bees has even attempted to raise awareness of this issue referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder. Burt himself even filmed a PSA – and yes, he’s a real guy:

Basically, honey bees are disappearing and nobody knows why. I’ll pass on the debate as to whether this is man’s fault or some other cyclical process the bees go through that no one understands. Bottom line, it’s a fact that there are fewer bees now than there were 20 or even 10 years ago.

Today, CNN.com is running a story about the depleted bee population. The impact may be felt in the price of some products. Not only honey, but other commodities will be affected due to the reduced pollination from the bees. Why is this important now? Haagen-Dazs said this will increase its ice cream prices and reduce the number of flavors it can offer. Not ice cream! How could this happen?

Fewer bees? We better save the environment.

Fewer ice cream choices and the price is going up? We need to pass some legislation on this bee thing.



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3 responses to “When News Becomes News

  1. Colleen

    Thanks for the info. regarding the bees, however I must state that I am not so concerned about the rising prices of Haagen-Dasz. Now if they were talking about Ben and Jerry’s then I would have gotten on your bandwagon. Screw Haagen-Dasz. Does anyone eat that stuff anyway!
    Keep it coming with the news. It beats watching some schmuck on t.v.

  2. Mom

    Interesting stuff, personally being from Philadelphia I prefer Bryers!

  3. GeoD3

    This is great material ! Better than Andy Rooney’s stuff (you should be writing for him)…
    but, really, get Al Gore on the case, it could mean another Nobel for him, “The plight of Burt’s bees and the disappearing ice cream flavors syndrome.”

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