The little box truck that could

Live from a 10’ Budget box truck in…

Petersburg, VA!

We left a little after 8AM this morning and made our first stop of the day at rest stop just south of Petersburg, VA at 10:30. Rebecca’s taking the wheel for a little while so I can rest my right foot and update the blog.

We’re still figuring out how to park this thing and where possible, decided to park it with the trucks so we don’t have to squeeze it between cars in regular spots. But, seriously, how ridiculous does this look?


There are lots of cops on the road in VA. We drove past one hiding in the median and he pulled over a BMW that zipped past us on our left. For a moment I was convinced he was pulling us over!

And Pedro gets all the buzz over his billboards, but I think the JR superstore in NC has him beat by a mile.

Next stop: where ever we can find some lunch…


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