Lunch. With truckers!

At about noon today we stopped at the Petro truck stop near Bowling Green, VA to have lunch at the Iron Skillet. They have everything on the menu here that can stop your heart in a minute. I laid off the heavy stuff and went with a club sandwich. After lunch, Rebecca played ths intersting casino-esque quarter-sucking maching that promises the chance to win more quarters by knocking the ones in the machine off of a ledge inside with new quarters you drop in from above like a Plinko board:



She managed to get 4 quarters back, but was shooting for a $20 bill hanging off of one edge. I was hoping she would go after the diamond-crusted 2-Pac wristwatch on the other side. That was some serious bling bling! Did I mention she dropped her winnings right back into the machine?

I feel like we’re getting closer. We’ve passed a few Wawas (all the way down here) and we’re starting to see more Jevic tractor trailers. Next stop: home!



Filed under Operation: Bring Granny Back from Florida

3 responses to “Lunch. With truckers!

  1. Anthony

    Oh the summer days I spent fixing those wonderful “Splash Down Falls” machines at Mariners Arcade!

    “Hey man this thing took my quater!!”

  2. GeoD3

    Bec —
    I’ll bet that machine still has the same quarters we put into it a decade ago !!!

  3. Gary

    Remember – – the house always wins.

    (except when some nerds from MIT are counting cards – – just finished reading “Bringing Down the House” and highly recommend it)

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