Day 3 – the trip back

Live! From a 10′ Budget box truck on I-95 in Georgia…

We left Grandmom’s at about 8:40AM, stopped once on I-95 in Florida to stretch our legs and use the bathroom, reached the Georgia border at about 12:15 and stopped for lunch in Darien, GA at 1:00. It’s 2:15 right now and Rebecca’s driving the truck. She’s doing a great job. She’s as wide awake right now as I’ve ever seen, focused squarely on the task at hand.

Nothing too exciting to report, but here are a few highlights so far:

  • Passed a furniture store in Haines City, FL called Badcock and More.
  • A fistfight between DOT workers at the side of the road near Daytona Beach.
  • Signs on I-4 in Florida for Disney, Universal and another park called the Holy Land Experience (those rides must be boring)
  • Passed at least 2 Belks – somebody tell Rocco
  • A gas station called El Cheapo
  • Got stopped at a weigh station and we’re not really sure why – trooper came running out of the guard house to ask us where we were going and then let us drive through – “truck full of Grandmom’s stuff” will get you out of these situations.

Check back later for more updates from the truck!



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4 responses to “Day 3 – the trip back

  1. Anthony

    So taking Luke to the Holy Land Experience! That might be the funniest thing ever. I wonder if they have a Maude Flanders ride?

  2. Mom

    Holy Land Experience, well that’s on my list of places to see…….not! You go Rebecca, drive that truck. Just remember when you get to Daytona you’re not in the Nascar…… careful

  3. Gary

    Did you pick up some cheeseburgers and fries in Daytona?

    And don’t forget to start counting South of the Border (or SotB for the initiated) signs!

  4. Rebecca counted 62 of Pedro’s signs. We have no idea how accurate that is.

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