Day 3 – half the ride back is over

We made it to Fayetteville, NC! We found our exit off 95 (didn’t realize there were seven of them for Fayetteville) and immediately stopped at the Cracker Barrel around 8:00 for some down-home mass produced chain food. A heaping helping of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and mac and cheese should let me sleep well tonight. We did stop at South of the Border to take some pictures, get some gas and some memorabilia:


How does this place stay in business? Oh right – idiots like me spending $20 in the gift shop. I still don’t understand where the concept of a Hispanic man who barely speaks English and set up shop alongside 95 in South Carolina came from…

It’s almost 10:00. Time to relax and get some sleep and do it all over again tomorrow. We’ll try to leave before 8AM tomorrow so we can get home before it gets too late tomorrow night.


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One response to “Day 3 – half the ride back is over

  1. Trish

    Oh I was hoping for pictures or video of a food store sign with misspelled words. No plams or craps. We’re going bowling for my b-day tomorrow, you may have heard, I’ll try and get a strike for you guys. Drive safe.

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