Day 2 Begins

Today’s mission: Get the vehicle and load it up. Easier than it sounds, since we don’t have a vehicle yet and there’s still debate as to what will go into it and how that stuff’s going to fit. Last night we went through Granddad’s shop and found some interesting stuff. This picture more or less sums it up:




Filed under Operation: Bring Granny Back from Florida

6 responses to “Day 2 Begins

  1. Mom

    Sounds interesting so far, hope grandmom is up for her new life. I’m enjoying keeping up with your adventures.

  2. William

    Paulie is one wild and crazy guy.

  3. Ray

    I have been keeping up with your calendar so here are your questions.

    Fact or Crap?

    Question 1
    Strawberries are members of the rose family.

    Question 2
    Turtles require only five minutes of sleep a day.

    Question 3
    William is refreshing your blog every 10 minutes to see what you are up to next.

  4. 1. Fact
    2. Fact
    3. Total Fact – I have more comments from him than anybody else.

  5. Ray


    1. Fact
    2. Crap
    3. Total Fact – I just saw him running back to his desk most likely to hit refresh.

  6. Anthony

    If it were true I want to be a turtle!

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