So far, so good…and a brush with celebrity

Made it to the airport, got thru security, now we’re just waiting to board. (or is it bored?) We’re in this weird, dark, dungeony section of the airport in Philly I don’t think I’ve ever been in before. Lots of concrete around here. There is a Chickie’s and Pete’s so if this flight doesn’t work out, it’s crab fries and beers all morning.

In other news, as we went through security, I think I saw WWE Superstar Horsnwoggle in the terminal. Raw was in town the other night, so it’s possible, right? And no, I didn’t walk up to him and say, “Hey, you’re Horsnwoggle!” How bad would it have been if I were wrong? I would have felt like Will Ferrel in Elf. Plus, he’s not The Rock.



Filed under Operation: Bring Granny Back from Florida

3 responses to “So far, so good…and a brush with celebrity

  1. William

    You do know how to live the life, please let us know the details around your breakfast and lunch, ooohh and if you have a snack before dinner include that too.

  2. Anthony

    I really have to start watching wrestling again!

  3. Gary

    ’cause that does sorta look like Anthony and all! 😉

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